Elisa Quarrington

Tell us about yourself and your cycling or adventuring achievements
I have been a competitive triathlete for 3 years now. I am also studying to be a midwife which is pretty full on with night shifts and all! I set up my own sports massage business which I run alongside training and my studies. I want to be able to show people that you don’t have to be a super human to excel in sport. You just need to be dedicated and make use of all the hours of your day!

What are your favourite things to do on the bike
Triathletes are not known for their impressive bike skills….however I have recently enjoyed practicing my track stands without falling off and embarrassing myself in front of a huge queue of traffic!

Where is the most exciting place you’ve ridden your bike
My beautiful bike has been all over the place with me! From the Alps to Lisbon, Geneva, Mallorca and other parts of sunny Spain. My favourite place has to be following the Tour de France and cycling the hills they rode in the race.

What is your goal in life, cycling or otherwise
I am currently studying to be a Midwife, so am working full time with shifts in order to become qualified in 2018. I also am aiming to race as an elite triathlete over the next few years and to medal at a European or World Triathlon age group race.

Who are your sporting heroes
Vicki Holland is an inspirational triathlete, coming through injuries to gain an olympic bronze medal. I think we can all relate to getting injured and just how hard it can be to bounce back. A few years ago I suffered from 3 stress fractures in my lower spine. This took me out of the sport I was trying to represent my country in (rowing). It took a few years, but I found another sport I love (triathlon) and I won’t let the injury hold me back.

Tell us how you know spokes of Bagshot
I met James through a neighbour of mine who is an excellent sports photographer. He knew someone who knew someone who knew James…! It turns out Spokes is only down the road from me and is run by the very friendly James. I called up and got chatting to him about the possibility of becoming a brand ambassador. Skipping forward a few months and I was leading the women’s novice rides, introducing many fantastic women to road riding and helping to improve their bike skills.

What does being a spokes ambassador mean to you
Being a brand ambassador is one of the most important roles in the sports world. Being a part of someone else’s journey in sport is so rewarding and working with a bike shop that welcomes all levels of sport, from grass roots to international athletes is a privilege!

If you had one piece of advice for someone new to cycling what would it be?
Get yourself some good chamois cream!!! And a good pair of cycling shorts never goes a miss….your derrière will thank you an hour into that ride!


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