Adam Badrawy
Endurance Athlete

Who Is Adam Badrawy?
I have worked in Film Production for over 20 years. I found my way into a fitter and healthier lifestyle when I realised I was an alcoholic. My sobriety helped me find a new, more positive “addiction” and since then I have entered a number of cycling, running and triathlon events with a view to always improve on something whether it be my position, pace, distance or time.

Tell us about yourself and sporting achievements
As a sober athlete I found myself pushing more after each event. I’ve gone from a 58 minute 10k runner to a 37 minute one. A 5hrs 40 minute marathon runner to now a sub 3 hours. My farthest running distance is 100k and I’ve entered a few multi-day events too.

What is the reason you cycle?
I cycle to help keep me fit but most importantly to clear my head at the end of a long day. Admittedly, cycling out on the main roads or in and around London doesn’t help that, but feeling free in the countryside or taking a mountain bike into the woods really helps clear the mind and connect with nature almost in the same way that I did when I was a child.

Where is the most exciting place you’ve ridden your bike?
I am lucky in that my work takes me all over the world and so too my bike. Most recently I rode in Cape Town and mountain biked Table Mountain. I have just ridden in a Half Ironman Distance triathlon in Japan and soon I hope to be riding in the Pyrenees as I look to potentially move to France.

What is your goal in life, cycling or otherwise?
My main goal in life is to try and live as harmonious a life as possible, to maintain a positivity for myself which extends to others and to never fall back in to the disarray that my life was in during those years of alcohol abuse.

Whilst doing that I have a number of fitness driven goals which I really hope to achieve. To enter and finish the Race Around Ireland, complete a sub 10 hour Ironman and to one day undertake the Yukon Arctic Ultra. Other personal goals include setting up of a charity and to focus on speaking events in the hope that my story / journey can inspire others.

Who are your sporting heroes?
Lionel Sanders, he overcame his own addictions to become one of the fastest ironman finishers of his time.

Tim Don, he has had an interesting career but the story of how he, 2 days before the Ironman Championships was hit by a car, has a Hangman’s Fracture and 9 months later ran the Boston marathon in 02:49:42 is stuff of legend but also very inspirational

Orla Walsh, from a sports novice to a competitive cyclist in just 2 years her story is also inspiring and shows what can be done with grit, determination and good humour.

Tell us how you know Spokes of Bagshot
Spokes is situated near my family home in Camberley. I went down there just to buy some new shoes and almost immediately James and I struck up a rapport.
As time went on I blurted out about my past and this seemed to interest James.
I guess I am proof that no matter how bad ones life can get there is a way of turning it around.

What does being a Spokes ambassador mean to you?
Being a Spokes Ambassador gives me the chance to realise how far I have come.
It gives me the opportunity to promote something that is important to me and my message of getting outside. What could be better than wearing the Spokes jersey and using that as a message to not only promote the company but also promote what I believe in. Knowing that James and Spokes believe in my message means they too will help and inspire others.


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